Pearly Parrot Jewelry 

Handmade high quality pearl jewelry

Pearly Parrot Jewelry is a Finnish pearl jewelry collection that combines high quality, Finnish craftsmanship, stunning and individual materials and personality.

Pearly Parrot Jewelry is born out of a love of pearls, a passion for the beauty of nature and a desire to learn. The pearls used in the jewelry are individual pieces, which is why all the finished jewelry is also unique.

We want individuality and a handmade stamp to appear in our jewelry. Pearly Parrot Jewelry is for people for whom personality and high-quality, unique style mean a lot.

For us, locality and domesticity are important. All Pearly Parrot Jewelry is made in our own premises in Espoo. We want our jewelry to be close to the customer from the start. 

The ethics and sustainable development of jewelry production strongly guide our work. The pearls we choose for Pearly Parrot Jewelry are of pearl production that is largely sustainable or traceable. Tahitian and South Sea pearls are cultivated in conditions where the cleanliness of the marine environment, the preservation of diversity and the mitigation of climate change, as well as the good working conditions of workers in the sector, are key factors. By purchasing high-quality, sustainable pearl jewelry, you also support the protection of the seas and contribute to the preservation of clean nature.  

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